"As a caregiver, it is easy to get focused on the needs of others and not being present to my own emotions. This workshop involved a lot of self reflection. The writing revealed that I am braver and stronger than I give myself credit for. This workshop also helped me understand that despite the breadth and depth of known cancers, the fight to survive is similar in so many ways. I was reminded that the cancer community is filled with people who have the most beautiful hearts, willing to share their experiences. There is something so powerful when you risk emotional vulnerability and someone nods their head says, 'I totally get it. I know it isn't easy. I understand your feelings. I felt that way too. And those feelings are ok.' "


                                                                                                                                                                                           ~Jami Jackson  

The VOR workshop was truly life changing for me.  I had been struggling to figure out my new path with this drastic unplanned change in my life.  Attending VOR was very therapeutic for me. Being able to put my story into words and then sharing it on celebration night helped me move forward.  It also opened many new doors for me.  I took the story I wrote during the workshop and submitted it to a cancer journal. Not only did it get published, but was hired on as a regular contributor to Blood-Cancer.com.  Attending the VOR workshop was one of the best things I have ever done! Highly recommend it to anyone impacted by cancer.


         ~ Deb Wesloh


I find there is a tremendous power in defining the narrative of our disease. If we don’t write it, then it may be written for us. I think it is important to not fall for the role of victim in this battle, so telling our stories is a way of taking charge of our story. During my battle I had written some blogs and journal entries about the experience, but then I had put it away like an old photograph. I wanted the cancer to be in my distant past.  However through VOR, I have found that we have an obligation to our fellow cancer survivors – and especially to those in middle of the battle - to share our journey. A burden shared is not as heavy. 


Also, as the name itself implies, by participating in VOR, I was able to “find my voice”. I am big fan of the art of instructing and coaching, and I can not say enough praise about the talent and care and empathy of the VOR staff. In a short period each participant refined their work by leaps and bounds and finely tuned their voice and discovered their heroism. Like most workshops, I learned as much from the fellow participants as I did from the instructors.


By participating in VOR, not only have I found a way to give back to the cancer caring community but also I received an unexcepted gift of love, belonging and appreciation for a battle well fought.   


           ~ Burton Anderson

"So entertaining! I thought it might be somewhat of a downer, but I was pleasantly surprised how uplifting it was. The entire show was so professional from the dancing, singing to the costumes! I needed more information about how to donate. Such an enjoyable evening. Wish it was 2 nights!

"The stories were incredible. The singing, dancing and choreography were superlative. I was amazed at how good the actors and performers were. Way beyond my expectations, even though I have been to all four year's performances. Bravo! (And I never say that.)"

 "I commend the Curtain Up Cancer Foundation for this unique way to share the cancer journey of The SIX. As a 7 year hereditary colon cancer warrior and advocate on the importance of early detection I found this performance inspiring and very creative."

"This is a very awesome thing you are doing. I have cancer and I know those rooms can be depressing." 




"Beautiful music!"

"Thank you! This music and your playing is cheering me up!"


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